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New Windsor - October - 2007

Newville - February - 2007

Bedford - 2006

Newville- 2006


New Windsor - October 2007

Only he knows his pre-battle thoughts.
Forming up.


Orders are given out.
And the troops move out.


The troops have to wait for the softening up...
And enjoy the rare moment to themselves.

The softening up begins with a mortar and artillery barrage.

(We would like to thank our comrades in arms for bringing out their mortar)

The troops await the order to charge after the barrage...
The artillery is loud!

The order comes at last!


Flags flying, and in typical fashion, the Russians make a headlong charge right into the enemy!

German positions are overrun quickly!
We lose many brothers in the onslaught.

Some will never go home.

Others are more lucky and only sustain minor wounds. It was a fierce battle but it seems the tide of the war is turning....

Newville - February 2007














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